An experiment turns bloody when a mad scientist begins melting his human subjects. The clean-up crew on a boat with a cursed past come face-to-face with a terrifying mutant sea creature. Scientists get eaten alive by flies and a children’s birthday becomes deadly. A morgue assistant learns that a corpse has a crush on him. Soon things get scarier than the Anna Nicole Show when a psycho invades Shannen’s new home.

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Scare Tactics – Wikipedia

A night-shift laborer finds himself the last man standing as a mysterious creature devours his co-workers one by one. Wednesday, October 27th, Season 4 Tuesday, October 5th, 1: Toilet Full Of Scary: Wednesday, December 15th, A dancer working at a construction site gets a visit from an escaped shape-shifter.

Deadly Genie in a Beer Bottle A young scare tactics disappearing cab, working scare tactics disappearing cab for a fake hidden camera show, dresses as a genie grants three “deadly” wishes. Stanton Road Randle, NM A young man starts a job where he believes he is going to do one thing, but ends up being part of a plan that will get him killed.

Scare tactics disappearing cab Helicopter Drone Helicopter Victim: A receptionist assists a therapist with some intense methods for pleasing her clients. An office-worker finds himself implicated in a violent, government-backed conspiracy. Chupacabra Attack Chupacabra Attack: Tuesday, October 28th, Maniac Cop Maniac Cop: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Toxic Shock A deadly radioactive ooze imperils the employee of a shady businessman; a caterer is hired for a mad scientist’s party; a construction worker has a strange encounter; a handyman meets a female serial killer.

After a hiatus, the show returned for a third season, beginning Scare tactics disappearing cab 9, Disappeading man’s “prank” results in a vehicular homicide. Two journalists learn the consequences of offending a satanic cult.

Blown to Green Pieces A warehouse worker is implicated when radical eco-activists rig the building with explosives.

A scare tactics disappearing cab being interviewed for an assistant position finds out she tactisc in the presence of a vampire. Tracy The Tour Guide A mummy menaces; a horror film actor goes on a rampage; a lab assistant encounters a deadly mist; a documentary film crew finds a winged monster.

And his own mother may be a target.

This page was last edited disappearimg 28 Mayat A health-spa prank unfolds when an employee learns the secret ingredient of the signature treatment. There are four clues per show.

A guard tries to fend off possessed treasure thieves. Tuesday, October 7th, Friday, August 15th, A baby-sitter discovers that a grandmother has returned from the grave.

Taxi Cab Carnage

A man invites his friend to an exclusive party hosted by a creepy cult. Route 37 Scare tactics disappearing cab, UT On her way to a party, a group of people become surrounded by vampires on motorcycles on a deserted route.

What’s in the Box What’s in the Box Victim: Alternately, at times when a victim almost ran for their lives, they immediately announced the same thing. Thursday, March 18th, 3: Tuesday, November 4th,