Below is a list of the most common ones available. There is no ‘best’ firmware, this is all a matter of opinion. For more info, you may like to check this out here. Something went wrong during my firmware flash, can I recover my drive? I burnt heaps of music CDs for my sister, and she complained that they were faulty, and I blamed her CD player. For more details see this thread Liggy has released a firmware for the ND drive which supports full bitsetting. There are no reports that this behaviour increased the compatibility of written discs.

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If you can’t purchase a retail drive, you should be able to purchase the necessary cables from any good computer store. Within the firmware write strategy groups are swapped from one media strategy group to another. Yes, using a specially modified firmware here. The above site lists 2.

Once I have a modified nec dvd rw nd 6100a on my drive, can I change to another firmware?

Dee’s big NEC DVD burner firmware FAQ

nec dvd rw nd 6100a Where can I find a comprehensive review on an NEC drive? This webspace 1600a kindly provided by MyCE. It’s been well proven that Microsoft’s default IDE drivers work best. I am using DVDinfoPro to change booktype: Navigate to the website hosting nec dvd rw nd 6100a firmware you require, make sure you have selected the correct firmware for your drive, and then click on the link and save the file to your hard drive.

I used NECflash first, as recommended elsewhere in this forum, to back-up the old firmware. This upgrade is not possible due 6100w the fact that NEC changed some essential parts in the hardware. Are there other tools which are not specifically designed for NEC drives that I can use?

_NEC DVD+RW ND-6100A Firmware 104D download

For more details see this thread Liggy has released a firmware for the NDA drive which supports full bitsetting. Some online stores add extra letters onto the end of the model name to signify different options such nsc color and bulk version, but the hardware is exactly the same!

Do some research and choose a firmware that will best suit your needs. Another reason why your media may not be burned at its rated speed is, the media might be very new and not yet supported fully in the firmware version you have.

There are no reports that this nec dvd rw nd 6100a increased the compatibility of written discs.

NEC A laptop burner Firmware

Most likely yes, but you might have to do this in pure DOS. It is also possible that 6100s misflash can occur, such as a power outage occurring in the middle of a flash or some other occurrence.

Do I have to update the firmware with the next version up from nec dvd rw nd 6100a version I have, or can I just update to the latest firmware? Another 600a resource of firmwares can be found at the rpc1. Is my NEC drive good for backing up copy-protected discs?

You should post any questions about these firmwares in the relevant thread. Allow the flash to complete then restart your PC.

All you need nec dvd rw nd 6100a do is load the firmware you want to change to into Binflash and you can flash your drive with any firmware 1600a wish. The drive identifies itself as the A now What is RPC1 and do I need it? What is the approximate burn time at different burn speeds for a full disc?

NEC DVD+RW ND-6100A device driver

Is there firmware patched to increase the burn speeds of rs Some nec dvd rw nd 6100a firmwares support enhanced features such as bitsetting on all Plus media, others have simpler patches but just as important, such as video riplock removed and region lock removed or higher writing speeds on several media. It is not recommended that you do this unless you have the proper know-how and tools to nnec it, and I don’t mean a HEX editor, this is not suitable for general firmware patching for 3 reasons: Yes, in some cases, certain media can be burned at twice or perhaps three times its rated speed.

This patch will make your drive region free; however, nec dvd rw nd 6100a free software will also be required to enjoy DVD region free playback on your PC.

Special firmware versions are required. I’m not sure there is a way to make the drive -R DL currently or somebody would’ve tried it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.