Other than that it was a very easy install. That’s just as well, actually; quite a few current DDR-only Socket A motherboards only have two memory slots. My only problem was heat! And here one is. The extra contacts in the Pro slot allow cards that need as much as watts of power to work against the 25 watts that normal AGP can supply , but only pro graphics workstation boards actually need this much power. Both add up to an MHz core speed, and that’s all that matters. And which also gives you a couple of front-panel USB ports.

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They’re fast, and they’re cheap. Asus a7a266 motherboard here one is. I had the fsb at Mhz for a little while, but a cpu temp of F with almost no load was just too much for me.

My temperatures were getting a little high so I decided to back it off. Personally, I’m quite happy with the A7A. But the choice is up to you. Asus a7a266 motherboard used a 1. There’s also a connector for Asus’ “iPanel”, an optional display that sits in a 5. When over-clocking it loaded and ran everything without a problem. Until that updated A7A comes along though, we either have to wait for a BIOS update with multiplier adjustment, or just do without.

Overclocking Physically, the A7A looks well suited for use by the lunatic fringe. Now, It’s time to fire asus a7a266 motherboard up! Well it could just be me coming from an overclocked PMhz.

This is only temporary until I can get some better cooling for my cpu!

GF City Computers Price: Once installed it looked great! My score on 3DMark with my asus a7a266 motherboard at Mhz was a asus a7a266 motherboard Higher voltage settings can let you get a balky processor to run stably at a higher speed, as long as you’ve got enough cooling to deal with the extra heat created.

That’s what happened with Asus’ earlier A7V, one of the first overclock-friendly Socket A motherboards. How to bake your CPU!

Review: Asus A7A motherboard

I reviewed the original A7V here and the one with more switches here. I’m using it in my main computer, on asus a7a266 motherboard I’m writing this review, and I’ll probably hang onto it for a while.

I had the front side bus at Mhz and running fine.

While Intel and their oddly pigmented henchmen try to persuade the world that nothing asus a7a266 motherboard expensive as a Pentium 4 could possibly be a bad buy, AMD have been quietly plugging along with the Athlon and Duron. So DDR is cool. As long as your motherboard can handle the FSB you want, you’re fine; anything you can do with a higher multiplier, asis can asus a7a266 motherboard do with a higher FSB. But a couple of Mb modules will do most people, and larger ones will become commonly available soon enough.

I ran a on 3DMark with my cpu at Mhz.


It’s not the perfect motherboard, but it’s good, and it’ll asus a7a266 motherboard be better soon. It ended as the usual big pile of problems. What more could you ask for from ASUS? Without multiplier adjustment – which, on asuss Slot A boards, is done with little plug-in gizmoes on the processor motherbboard the one you can see in my older piece here – asus a7a266 motherboard was hard to get a decent amount more speed out of the CPU.

ASUS A7A266 Motherboard Review

I had to unplug it from the wall to get it to shut off. Thursday, May 24,Edition.

I have asus a7a266 motherboard it set up and running for 3 days straight now and my cpu temps at full load are around F, so says the ASUS Probe. It helped some, but I don’t like running an unfiltered case!