The alternative library is libusb. Post as a guest Name. Any help most gratefully received. The driver I created to run with the libusb dll seems to be able to replace the windows driver and show up in device manager as a “libUSB-WIn32 Device” but I cant configure the dll calls to communicate with it. But the word around here is that this can be extremely difficult and the few people I know who have tried to challenge power of the win32 hardware Dlls have had many problems. So is there anyone with working combination?

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The way to do it is to create a C language DLL that wraps around the libusb.

I came to the conclusion that the libusb-win32 stuff I have was causing trouble, but I did not know how. I need this scope on my laptop liibusb theres also software which uses libusb. The alternative library is libusb. libusb win32


Tried install-filter with different parameters – no luck. Another function to open the device, one more for bulk read, and a final function to release and close the interface. Libusb win32 I reinstall the driver the scope is recognized, and appears shortly in the device list, lbusb during installation it is removed and does not appear again. It installed the driver, enabling my program to detect devices, but also disrupting the original Windows functionality for digital cameras.

Connecting to USB devices with libusb-win32, is it possible? Thanks for the reply, it would have killed me if you said it was simple to do as I spent hours wij32 to get it to work directly libusb win32 LabVIEW without a libusb win32 of hope.

The only way I was able to detect libusb win32 at all was to use the inf-wizard. Better yet does anyone have any sample code doing this?

In case someone has similar problem – the answer is here: The open DLL function calls the “init”, “find” and “open” functions.

I waded through tons of web pages and tech support and even contacted Belkin to try to modify the firmware libusb win32 was a worthless phone call and in the libusb win32 VISA couldn’t take control of the libusb win32 and “start” it. Are there any alternatives for 64 bit Windows I’ve overlooked? Post as a guest Name. Message 9 of Looks like this is already provided for in libusb-win32 in the latest release. Sign up using Facebook. With no other LV solutions I was forced to use evil text to make the wrapper.

Further it totally screws up any chance of connecting new USB equipment and also stops the PC turning off normally. I therefore asked on the libusb forum https: Now I’m trying to run the same software on windows 64 but the drivers don’t libusb win32 to work understandably. By using our site, libusb win32 acknowledge that you have read and understand our Libusb win32 PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Cool thing is that it’s platform-independent. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read libusb win32 updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these libusb win32. I’m still editing the text and examples, but it should be coming up soon.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I’ve never tried one, but I plan on it. libusb win32

Message win2 of Some other bug may come out of the woodwork as I start to stress the system, but it all looks good libusb win32 far. Thanks for any help. Message 4 of The close DLL function calls the “release” and “reset” functions. USB is such an important interface to understand and be able to work with coding-wise. Post as a guest Libusb win32.