I would never buy another Toshiba. Get deal Get deal. By continuing to use HotUKDeals you accept our cookie and privacy policy. For surfing the web, the odd letter and t’internet banking – perfect for me. How does this compare to yesterdays celeron based model?

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Toshiba Satellite C855d-13n 15.6 Inch 6gb AMD E-series 1.4ghz 750gb White Laptop

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Not a bad CPU considering the amount of power it needs. None toshiba satellite c855d-13n which you’d be doing on a laptop that costs less than 3 x this Toshiba Laptop deals. Xbox One deals. This may be helpful to someone it comes with free delivery.

Read less Read more I agree with you! Resolution toshiba satellite c855d-13n pixels. However, this has much more RAM, better graphics; a bigger screen and an up to date i. Bold Deleted Italic Text.

I wouldn’t buy this, but I would buy one for my retired father if he needed one. Sim Only deals.

Toshiba Satellite Cdn Inch 6gb AMD E-series ghz gb White Laptop | eBay

Wow nice looking machine, shame about the trash CPU bet it pops just out if warranty like the rest of the laptops with crappy amd processors in them we see bigger CPUs in satellkte than this Now if it had an intel CPU this would be a Megga deal. So toshiba satellite c855d-13n misinformation about how fast toshiba satellite c855d-13n CPU should be, toshiba satellite c855d-13n what is or isn’t GPU accelerated these days by the people posting on this deal What is … Where are they getting these very poor processor laptops from?

Read less Read more Just because it often can’t be upgraded doesn’t make it important. Wait for a good price on a sahellite. Will do all the internet and office stuff you need but not good for gaming or anything too heavy, I toshiba satellite c855d-13n guess.

Netbooks can run and often come with “proper” windows 7. My toshiba satellite laptop lasted just long enough to be out of warranty.

Bought one, perfect for what I need. It can’t even handle ond task never mind two. To reiterate, crappy CPU equals a slow computer.

Nintendo Toshiba satellite c855d-13n deals. The E sure isn’t the fastest out there, toshiba satellite c855d-13n for every day tasks it will do satellte. Sure it’ll do normal tasks ok, but it’s not great at all. Is this any good for basic internet use including watching the towhiba youtube video but no games or downloading movies etc.

AMD dual core E processor. If you are gaming or using something like Adobe Photoshop, then you will get better performance with a good GPU.

Read less Read more. This is really not worth the money, so I don’t understand where all those … This is really not worth the money, so I toshiba satellite c855d-13n understand where all those hot votes come from. New Comment Subscribe Save for later Embed. An SSD would give a much better perceived improvement in general performance than toshiba satellite c855d-13n even doubling the performance of this CPU Just so people know, in terms of GPU performance this is slower than some graphics cards made over 10 years ago.