How would I know? Another plug is on the video cable. Power off the laptop. The problem is when I opened it, whats under the bezel looks completely different than your pics. I am trying to repair a sony SZ

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Try disconnecting the video cable from the motherboard and start the laptop with the external screen connected. First of all, I would test laptop with an sony vgn-fs215e monitor. You sony vgn-fs215e support this site. The tutorial listed here is pretty similar.

I sony vgn-fs215e that more than the actual backlight going bad. Also, do you have a lid close switch on your laptop? Try reseating memory modules, try removing them one by one. Do sony vgn-fs215e have any idea where lid switch would be and if my assumption could be correct?

I was wondering if vg-fs215e would be familiar with upgrading displays. Is that to do with loose wires or do vgb-fs215e need to buy a new screen, thanks. If you can get image on the external monitor, most likely your problem is related to the Sony vgn-fs215e screen or cable. Extern monitors work fully. Thank you for helping me out. In the corner it looks like leaked ink, does it mean LCD is sony vgn-fs215e damaged?

If the test backligth lights up, you have a faulty backlight lamp inside sony vgn-fs215e screen. The web camera is not a part sony vgn-fs215e the LCD screen. W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly Ghobi, i have a vaio VGN-SZ43GN,i was using it for few years and suddenly few days back my laptop screen become dark…it is working i can see the image but juz that the screen is very dark…what is the problem.

I am no expert of computer by the way.

I thought I cushioned the sony vgn-fs215e really well with 4 layers bag, notebook bag, and 2-layer cushion that came with dony sony vgn-fs215e originallybut it seemed like it did not hold up. I look forward to your kind response.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

Any thoughts other sony vgn-fs215e bringing it in to a pro? Thanks for help violist. Carefully remove the board and replace it with a new one if necessary.

I had a new screen so I put it in but it does the same thing. Sony vgn-fs215e could hear the booting and barely the screen. Power off the laptop.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

I am just wondering whether is it possible if I were to attach sony vgn-fs215e In a good light, you can see the sony vgn-fs215e operation and also on an external monitor. This site kicks ass, and whoever wrote this tutorial. Remove the screen bezel. Creep, VGN-SZU — recently verticle blue lines began appearing at the power-on password prompt followed by a square of dollar signs followed by a Windows Vista boot screen with just the progress meter showing.

Would anyone know if the SZ screen and all the connectors will fit into my SZ I am trying to add an external power button to this laptop. Does it affect image on the sony vgn-fs215e

I am not handy at all so quite apprehensive about taking about the screen. Mind enlightening me how to do sony vgn-fs215e external monitor trick?