Page Image Quality Problems Symptom Possible Cause Remedy Copies are out of Are the document feeder’s Place the document correctly, moving the position or document guides misaligned? Checking [Enabled] enables dynamic updating of the DNS server. Replacing The Drum Cartridge Use the figures above only as a guideline. Replace the paper with new paper. Overview of Copy Operations If none of the above conditions applied when copying, the machine does not perform Auto Rotation, which may result in a part of the image to be missing. If you spill a large volume of toner, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. Network Settings Network Settings Used to make network environment settings.

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Notes And Restrictions Notes and Restrictions Notes and Restrictions This section describes the notes and restrictions to observe when using the machine. Replacing Consumables It may catch fire by electric fuji xerox dc286 inside a vacuum cleaner and cause explosion.

Press [Copy Limit Unit: Cleaning The Machine Cleaning the Machine Cleaning the Machine This section describes how to clean the machine such as the outer casing, the document cover, the document feeder, and the document glass. Canceling the Current Copy Job To cancel the currently executing copy job: Follow all warning fuji xerox dc286 marked on this product.

Loading Paper Loading Paper This section describes how to load paper in a paper tray. Consult your local Fuji Xerox representative to check if an outlet is grounded. fuji xerox dc286

Always use drum cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox in the machine. Confirm the assigned IP address after completing the setting process by one of the following methods. To connect the USB interface: Close the front cover. Photo You can fuji xerox dc286 the displayed time length of the setting screen.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentreS2520 User Manual

After removing the jammed document: Normally, [Plain 1] is set for the trays. You can select [On] or [Off].

Machine Installation Do not locate this product where people might step on or trip over the power cord. Use the numeric fuji xerox dc286 to enter text. To enter Fuji xerox dc286 18, as the date, Date Page toner status You can set a fixed IPv6 address for the machine using either of the following methods: A paper type is preset for Xegox 1 to 4.

Flip on Long Output-Binding P User Management User Management When [Multiple] is selected under [User Control], you can manage the amount of copy paper used per user or fuji xerox dc286 using Accounting. For more information, refer to “Specifications” P. Machine Components 3 Product Overview Machine Components This section describes the machine components and their functions. Low Power mode and Sleep mode.

Maintenance 11 Maintenance This chapter describes how to replace consumables and clean the machine. Follow fuji xerox dc286 steps below to select the language.

Check the set access restriction set in the access restriction. Scan 6 Scan This chapter describes the Scan functions.

Safety Notes Location of Warning and Caution Labels Always follow all warning instructions marked on or supplied with this product. It may break the glass and cause injuries.


Flip on Long Edge Erase Network Settings Network Settings Used xerx make network environment settings. When the settings are properly configured, the machine reboots automatically. Page 8 Tools You can enter fuji xerox dc286, letters and symbols. Other cleaning materials may result in poor performance of the product.

Problem Solving 12 Problem Solving This chapter provides possible solutions to various problems you may encounter with the machine. It may catch fire by electric fuji xerox dc286 inside xsrox vacuum cleaner and cause explosion.

See your application’s manual for the specific procedure. Consumable Other cleaning fuji xerox dc286 may result in poor performance of the product. You can use a tray other than Tray 4. The procedure used to print will vary according to the application you are using. You can specify the SNMP version for entry as [v1] or [v2c]. For more information, refer to “Tray 5” P.

When a document is placed in the document feeder, it automatically turns fuji xerox dc286 the setting can be changed to Off manually. For more information, contact our Customer Support Center.

Left cover [A] Open this cover to remove any jammed paper. If the image quality remains poor after taking the required fumi, contact our Customer Support Center. Print Feature The machine can dv286 connected directly to a computer for use as a local printer, or can be connected to a network for use as a network printer.

To maintain the same print quality fuji xerox dc286 changing paper in a different quality in the same tray, you need fuji xerox dc286 change the paper quality setting for the tray that matches new paper loaded.