They said the soundcard wasnt working but this was attached to the mother board so it needed to be replaced.. Does anyone have ANY suggestions, we are desparate!! Any chanse they will fix even after I have opened the laptop? Not the end of the world but MCE is a very annoying version of the OS, especially when you have absolutely no use for any of its features. A reflow station is commonly used to repair the mainboard, however; a skilled electronics technician is required to do the repair effectively. Did your problem resolve. HP will not be getting any of my business in the future and they have not heard the last from me about this notebook.

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I agree, if you have a dv or dv and are having these issues the best thing to do is contact HP and let them fix presario v600 So now im going to call hp and see what they are going to do. Also presario v600 sound stopped working.

HPwill not pay you for checking its work. Presario v600 believe presario v600 is probably a hardware issue. Hello, Interesting, My Pavilion has been randomly shutting down off and rebooting, Im terribly disapointed, Ive tried to restart it, but nothing, I also brought it in to the Future Shop where I purchased it and nothing, the suggested restart it. LEDs light, blank screen, no boot etc.

Matt’s Blog

HP solved the issue substituting the motherboard. I also have to call my brother, who is a lawyer, because legal action is how i am going to proceed if HP does not repair my laptop and reimburse my last repair, or give me a new laptop altogether.

I have had it sent SIX times. My only resolution now, I presario v600, is sending it off to HP for a fix. I am now having problems with the thing shutting of on its own.

I have read at least one comment on this forum saying that hitting f10 will restore the computer to its factory settings and thus erasing the files i did NOT want to lose in the process. You may need to restart your computer presario v600. It ran fine presario v600 a year and the motherboard died again with the presario v600 power up problem. Its wireless died last I packed and shipped the same day. Yes, it presario v600 possible if you have a Desktop computer, you may be able to do it yourself.

When I run the game online I can watch the quality of the connection fall off about every 30 seconds, then it resets and starts the scenario over and over again.

presario v600 After some time in discussion prresario HP I was told it was a hardware issue and they would presario v600 a one-time motherboard replacement, it came back and worked for eleven months, when the exact same thing happened.

If you are a parent looking for a laptop for your children DONT buy HP in fact I would advise anyone considering such a purchase to stay well clear.

And just now today i tryed turning it on and the screen remains black. My notebook continued to operate for another 10 months… 3 weeks ago my wireless card disappeared, so I substituted presario v600 with a usb wireless adapter.

I have had my dv for two presario v600 at this point. With driver reinstall it worked til next reboot, then disapeared again in device manager. My current presario v600 is that I do not prfsario to lose my files. I called HP and told the customer rep.

What ended up happening to my laptop was quite simple actually. Presario v600 repalced my daughters batteryno charge, but we had to send it in.

Starting about four days ago, while surfing the Internet, the computer screen will go white with vertical lines and freeze. Oh, and, google search the class action suits against HP… thats a presario v600 to get what you paid for.

Around this time at work, we began receiving high volumes of malfunctioning dv laptops…. Presari it has gone wrong again. Even though hp replaced the defective parts, I had presario v600 this computer because it v600 windows vista capable.

Presario v600 least it runs—which is more than I can say for the HP. As it is too hard to push with a finger or thumb. Lucky really because i was considering canceling it shortly! This time they had the laptop for 3 months and durring prexario time the warranty had presario v600.

Also how much do we get paid for doing all of this high tech work to make these products presaio I responded that the symptom was fixed but that I did not think that the cause was. From reading from this site it seems that compaq should have fixed it since it was only 1 year presario v600 1 month old.

They persario a lot friendlier on there. Presario v600 just bought a HP dv refurbished.