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Specific Low Back Pain Exercises

These are specific exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and low back muscles erector spinae to provide the aforementioned ‘belt of muscle’ around the spine.

The point of dynamic stabilization exercise is to strengthen the secondary muscles of the spine and help support the spine through various ranges of motion. Some physical therapy centers may also provide aquatic water physical therapy. For many patients it is best to follow a stretching routine that lower back physical therapy exercises pdf download been individually designed for them by a physical therapist or a spine physician.

Aquatic therapy can be very helpful for elderly patients and disabled patients who may not have the strength to do some of the exercises outside the aquatic pool.

Most physical therapy programs that are designed to treat low back pain and some radicular pain pain radiating down the leg will include a combination of the following types of exercise:. The goal of traction is to unload the disc space and muscles doqnload the lumbar spine.

Another aspect of physical therapy program may include lumbar traction. This unloading is thought to provide a recuperative period which allows the muscles to rest and takes pressure off the disc space.

The cable is attached to weights at the foot-end of the table that provide a continuous and gentle pulling force on the hips toward the foot-end of the table. These exercises typically include:. Exercise and Back Pain.

All too often, spine practitioners refer patients for physical therapy and the patients return lower back physical therapy exercises pdf download the doctor stating they stopped the therapy because it hurt their backs or they just weren’t getting adequate low back pain relief for their efforts.

The patient should never bounce during stretching, and all stretches should be slow and gradual.

Research about the effectiveness of traction is controversial, with some studies showing that it adds value and other studies showing that it is of little or no value for patients with low back pain. Some patients with low back pain are pbysical treated with physical therapy but then return a year or lower back physical therapy exercises pdf download later with the exact low back problem.

Specific Low Back Pain Exercises

These exercises involve the use of a variety of exercises and may include use of exercise balls, balancing machines or specific stabilizing exercises. Sciatica Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief.

While this is by no means phyaical exhaustive list, here are a few reasons physical therapy rehabilitation may not alleviate back pain:. Proper stretching of the muscles along with active exercise will help maintain normal range of motion and provide relief for muscles that are often suffering disuse atrophy shrinking muscles from lack of use or in spasm from inappropriate posture or nerve irritation.

With lumbar traction, the patient lies on his back and is secured on a special table with a cable coming from the foot-end of the table that attaches lower back physical therapy exercises pdf download a strap that has been placed around the patient’s hips.

After physical therapy, the patient does not maintain the abdominal and low back exercise program at home, leading to a slow loss of fitness lower back physical therapy exercises pdf download the trained muscles and possibly eventual low back problems. Water supports the body and minimizes the effect of gravity, making it easier for patients to start theeapy exercise program. As a general exwrcises, low back pain patients should focus on stretching the lower back muscles, abdominal muscles, hips, and legs.

Most often the patient strengthens the abdominal muscles and low back muscles during physical therapy and subsequently takes the stress off the low back.