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Le riparazioni di guerra nel diritto internazionale. Among these he mentions compensation for war expenses, for actual war damage or the simple lump-sum payment of a global amount, in which case it is not always clear what were the underlying reasons internazionale 1008 pdf download the payment and whether it may be considered as a sanction.

These two publications fill a long-standing odf in international law. The Medical Heritage Library. To Reform the World: Citing articles via Google Scholar. Internazionale 1008 pdf download the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In the process, he gives an interesting review of national jurisprudence and various international mechanisms involving individuals claiming reparations for war damage.

He also puts emphasis internazionale 1008 pdf download apology as a means of re-establishing peace between peoples. Nevertheless, the systematic approach taken by each of these books internaziomale a valuable contribution to international law. Although both authors discuss the issue of satisfaction or moral damage, more importance is given to compensation or reparations stricto sensu.

In general, his presentation is very richly annotated and useful. The applicability of traditional criteria for diplomatic protection is also called into question. Consequently, the responsibility of the aggressor covers not only all damage caused fownload isolated acts, regardless of whether they were internazionale 1008 pdf download were not committed in violation of ius in internzionalebut also by acts of opposing forces, to the extent that they act in respect of ius in bellum.


Their differences in approach and complementarity of discussion and their choice of international practice offer clear evidence of the need to internazionale 1008 pdf download research in this field.

Collection wellpub ; wellcomelibrary ; ukmhl ; medicalheritagelibrary ; europeanlibraries. There are no reviews yet.

His presentation of international practice provides, in addition to state practice, valuable examples of little-known jurisprudence. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Be the internazionale 1008 pdf download one to write a review.


Gattini, who considers that such replacement should be permitted only where it is impossible to restore the original object, finds interesting examples of restitution by replacement of cultural objects after World War II.

L’influenza spagnuola sul progresso della scienza medica [electronic resource]: Gattini also concludes that such expenses have an obvious causal link pfd the aggression, but notes that they are not compensated in practice due to the enormous amounts they represent. Laboratori Wellcome per Ricerche Chimiche mostra all’esposizione internazionale di Milano, These internazionale 1008 pdf download are clearly influenced by the work of the International Law Commission on state responsibility for internationally unlawful acts.

Sign In or Internazionale 1008 pdf download an Account. Laboratori Wellcome dei Ricerche Chimiche [electronic resource]: Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

Atti del V Congresso internazionale di psicologia : tenuto in Roma dal 26 al 30 Aprile 1905

While many aspects of war have been codified by international law, there has been a surprising silence on the issue of war reparations. Various reparation procedures following World War II are also described. Madrid, SpainMedicine.

In it some fundamental concepts, such as the guarantee of non-repetition as a form of reparation in the context of the German reparations following the Second World War, are reflected upon and discussed. Laboratori Wellcome per Ricerche Chimiche mostra all’esposizione internazionale downloav Milano, [electronic resource]: International Organizations and the Making of Modern States. On the inclusion of guarantees of non-repetition in war reparation, the authors appear internazionale 1008 pdf download hold slightly different views: Gattini, who internazionale 1008 pdf download agrees with this view, goes a step further: Contains index and bibliography: The Wellcome Laboratories of tropical medicine [electronic resource]: In the course of that year two comprehensive books on the subject were completed: Some post-conflict reconciliation measures, such as property commissions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo, and the peace plans for Cyprus, also deserve attention.

The Wellcome Foundation Ltd. Frederick Belding He also points out that the practice surprisingly internazionqle not reveal any attempts to claim other forms of reparation, internazionale 1008 pdf download as material compensation, for the very fact of violation of ius ad bellum.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

The aggressor becomes responsible for all consequences of this act and not only of acts imputable to its authority in accordance with internazionale 1008 pdf download rules of international law.

Although the determination of an unlawful act does not create too many problems following a war as internazkonale is the violation of ius ad bellumor aggressionthe consequences of this act go beyond those of other violations of international law and require particular internazionale 1008 pdf download. The failure of the Versailles system, which originally inspired several books on war reparations in the s and s, 1 made the topic of war reparations unpopular with both politicians and scholars.