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This stratwgy was last edited on 14 Februaryat Use mdy dates from April Rather it was … intended to serve five primary purposes.

The National Security Strategy NSS is a document prepared periodically by the executive branch of the government of the United States for Congress which outlines the major stategy security concerns of the United States and how the administration plans to deal with them.

Retrieved May 27, Retrieved from ” https: That national security strategy 2014 pdf download, however, it is understood that securkty the adversarial environment that prevails, this report can only provide a beginning point for the dialogue necessary to reach such a “common” understanding.

National Security Strategy (United States) – Wikipedia

In order to defeat al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to the National Security Strategy ofthe United States needs to engage in a large amount of interagency cooperation and communication with the Muslim population in Afghanistan and throughout the world.

The stated intent of the Goldwater-Nichols legislation downlod broadly accepted as valid for effective political discourse on national security strategy 2014 pdf download affecting the nation’s security–the Congress and the Executive need a common understanding of the strategic environment and the administration’s intent as a starting point for future dialogue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The legal foundation for steategy document is spelled out in the Goldwater-Nichols Act.

The Bush doctrine emerges in the 214 of moving from the old Cold War doctrine of deterrence to a pro-active attempt to adjust policy to the realities of the current situation where the threat is just as likely to come from a terrorist group such national security strategy 2014 pdf download al-Qaeda as from a nation state such as Iraq or Iran.

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The document is purposely general in content contrast with the National Military StrategyNMS and its implementation relies on elaborating guidance provided in supporting documents including the NMS. United States national security policy History natiknal the foreign relations of the United States 20th century in the United States United States defense policymaking Reports of the United States government.

Retrieved April dpwnload, The National Security Strategy issued on September 17, was released in the midst of controversy over the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war which is contained therein. The requirement of producing this report along with the budget request leads to an iterative, interagency process involving high level meetings that helps to resolve internal differences in foreign policy agendas. National security strategy 2014 pdf download 18 December The NSS also repeats and re-emphasizes past initiatives aimed at providing substantial foreign aid to national security strategy 2014 pdf download that are moving towards Western-style democracy, with the “ambitious and specific target” of “doubl[ing] the size of the world’s poorest economies within a decade.

The ability to forge consensus among these national security strategy 2014 pdf download views on direction, priorities and pace, and getting “on board” important players three political levels down from the president is recognized as an invaluable, if not totally daunting, opportunity for a new administration. Where the incoming executive team has not formulated a national security strategy, such as an after an election in which foreign policy and defense were not important campaign issues, the process of writing the national security strategy 2014 pdf download can be of immense importance:.

Security Strategy Focuses on Managing Threats”. The document also treats AIDS as a threat to national security, promising substantial efforts to combat its spread and devastating effects.


The new document named China and Russia as “revisionist powers” while removing “climate change” as a national threat. Few things educate new national security strategy 2014 pdf download appointees faster as to their own strategic sensings, or to the qualities and competencies of the “permanent” government they lead within executive bureaucracies, than to have to commit in writing to the President their plans for the future and how they can be integrated, coordinated and otherwise shared with other agencies and departments.

Retrieved April 21, The Downnload of India.