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Grant of driving license. Restriction of hours downlosd work of drivers. Riding on running board, etc. Cancellation and suspension of permits.

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Parking places and halting stations. Effect of appeal and revision on orders passed by original authority. Summary disposal of cases. Bar on jurisdiction of Odwnload Courts.

Additions to driving licence Revocation of driving licence on grounds of disease or disability Voidance of contracts restrictive of liability. Power of Court to disqualify.

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Registration, how to be made. Duty of the driver to take certain precautions. Publication, commencement and lying of rules mvv notifications Do more with the leading PDF viewer. Award of compensatory costs in certain cases.

Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

Driving vehicles in contravention of section 3 or section 4. Recovery of money from insurer as arrears of land revenue.

Instead, type responses on your PDF form. Certain powers of State Government exercisable. Road Safety Councils and Committees.

Power to remove difficulties. Principles and method of determining compensation and payment thereof. Information regarding stolen and recovered motor vehicles Maintenance of State Registers of Motor vehicles. Option regarding claims for compensation in certain cases.

Application of Chapter to trailers. Registration, where to be made Application for stage carriage permit. Procedure of Regional Transport Authority mf considering application for stage carriage permit. Chapter to override Chapter V and other laws Power of State Government to make rules.

Taking vehicle without authority