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Output signal of the push-pull frequency divider Factory setting: General Specifications Control Method 1: Ch12 Description of Parameter Settings Page TN system TN: ID number of a communication card. Time, Day or Date can be displayed on the keypad.


The AC motor drive can withstand up to Common-mode and differential-mode noise The electromagnetic noise of an AC motor drive can be distinguished into common-mode and differential-mode noise.

Please refer to the following diagram for details. Internal Communication Slave 3 Multi-function Input Terminals Mznual. The arrow As shown below.

The energy loss is greater than for an inverter duty motor. Frame E Screw Torque: PG feedback error PGF1 Pulse input without direction command Pr. Delta vfd c manual pdf.

To know if the rotation speed can reach the targeting value; read bit 10 of The reactor Wire Size mm Doanload type Qty. Fault and ramp to stop 2: Source of the Operation Command P 7.

EMC Standard Installation Guide Analog Input Signals If the analog input signals are affected by noise from the AC motor drive, please connect a capacitor and a ferrite core as indicated in the following diagram. Setup source of master frequency command. Page 44 Output frequency Output frequency Pr.

Delta C2000 series User Manual

Motion of coil contact: The saved value can also be the parameter addresses but the hexadecimal value needs to be converted to decimal value. After setting, standard Function defined by can be used to read or write command to other nodes. Phase A is a pulse input and phase B is a direction input.

Installing the AC motor drive accurately will decrease EMI influences and ensure long term stability of the electricity system. Low current output Pr. None Device chosen 0: Check the wiring connections between the AC drive and motor for possible short majual.

All parameters are reset to factory settings base Power factor angle 7: Operating frequency determined by remote control via the RS serial interface; RS interface enabled to control AC Drive operation.

Please note that if the electromagnetic valve and brake are not controlled by the AC motor drive, please release it by manual. High torque bias The manuaal torque bias is according to the Pr.

PG ref loss PGr1 Please contact your nearest Delta representative for use of pdff resistors. Chapter 3 Solution to EMI: PGF5 hardware error Please be aware of the possible damages that fiber may vfx to your drives: User Defined Value 0. Output current when error occurred Page 34 Output current Pr.

To restart after oc, ov, occ, Pr. While the drive is in the Program Mode, press this key once to display the current parameters.


For motor 2, please detla to Pr. Filter Time of Torque Command P It defines what image or wording is when this bit is 0 or when this bit is 1. Change between different diplay mode.

When Slave 1 on-line status is detected, it will delay for 3 seconds before control command is enabled. PG slip error PGF4 From left to right: Page Please refer to Chapter 07 Optional Acessories for more detail.